Restoration of a Kenwood Chef A700 “B” Model

14 thoughts on “Restoration of a Kenwood Chef A700 “B” Model”

  1. Good post. Food grade grease should be type 1 most seem to be 2 . Fuchs cassida eps1 is good. By service manual ,available on w.a.c.e.m. Files capacitor should still be .1 uF probably makes no differences. There is an original sky blue and white one on wacem. b is not official designation in manual 3 different castings. hope this helps Lloyd

  2. Love the writeup and the clear pictures. I’m also in the middle of an A700-B restoration. Would it be possible to contact you with a couple of questions?

    1. Sorry, I’ve been away and didn’t see your comment. You surely can ask questions – if you haven’t already figured out the answers!

      1. Hello , i am in the middle of restoring an A700 and very interested in the circuit board you have made by any chance do you have a spare 1 i could purchase ?

      2. Sorry, I just custom made a one-off board to fit the particular components I had, and how I planned to wire the mixer. Each mixer board was different. It’s not difficult to do if you have have access to a laser printer – I’ve found Canon glossy photo paper works well – but it can take a few goes to get a good transfer to the board. You have to iron it hot using quite a bit of pressure. To etch the board I use a hydrogen peroxide / hydrochloric acid mix, which are readily available. Alternatively you could look at other one-off methods like photo-resist. It’s satisfying making your own board – I suggest you give it a go!

        Hope your restoration is going well.

  3. Thank you very much for this detailed and encouraging blog, Harvey. I am almost finished with the restoration of a Kenwood Chef A700B serial number 263793. Now the gearbox needs to get a fill up with new grease. It is quite difficult to get a food grade NLGI-class 1 grease. @Lloyd: Could you please advise where to get the Fuchs Cassida EPS1 grease which you mentioned in your post. @Harvey: Could you please send me copy of the A700 service manual.
    Thank you and best regards,

  4. The plastic parts for the 700b were available in black ,red, blue, green and white. Recently I obtained a jasmine yellow mixer with green plastic. In Australia the fuch grease is only available in boxes of 12 which is a pity. You can get the service manual from the w.a.c.e.m. Website. There is also lots of pictures there .Hope this helps.

  5. Hi Henry, having read this and your other three posts on restoring A700 Kenwood Chefs I would like to say thank you for such informative and educational posts. I have recently purchased 2 A700 -A’s I believe as they have the single ventilation slot and no shroud. (at least the picture of the second seems to show that it does, I have only just bought it through a NZ auction site. ) The photos on Kenwoodchefrestore of their restored models first caught my attention, I then looked around the web and luckily found your blog. It was the latter that decided it for me and I had to get one to restore. I found one for sale through Ebay and bought it and had it posted from Tasmania.
    When it arrived I discovered that the bowl included with the machine was the potato peeler bowl that a previous owner had stripped of its grit to use as a standard bowl. The other parts of the potato peeler are there and I am giving some thought to restoring the bowl to its original use. The adhesive used on this bowl and the rotating foot is of a browny orange colour and the grit is clear, quite unlike the latter models that seem to use course emery. Do you or any of your readers have any idea of what the adhesive and grit in my model are?
    I bought the second model before the first arrived as I had come across it while looking around for information and as it came with a liquidiser, an original mincer with its wooden push stick and the juicer/oil separator I could not help myself. It cost more to post from NZ to Australia than it cost to buy.
    I would appreciate a copy of the maintenance manual. After a protracted search I discovered that the w.a.c.e.m is a yahoo group and I am attempting to join them to gain access to the files mentioned by Lloyd Simmonds and am awaiting acceptance of my membership but who knows?
    Do you also still have the drawing of the Kenwood Chef logo you sent to the printers? If you do would you send me a copy as I would love to get them to reproduce a couple for me.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased that my blog inspired you to attempt a restoration! I’m sure that you will enjoy it – I found it a very satisfying project.
      From your serial number you have a fairly early machine, so expect to find grease leaked through the motor! They improved the seals on the later models. With regards to the potato peeler bowl, I’m sorry, but I don’t know anything about those.

      I will email you with links to the service manual etc.

      1. Hi Harvey & Craig. Harvey, by all means pass my email address on to Craig. As a fellow kiwi I’d be happy to correspond about his restoration and can forward a copy of the service manual.

  6. HI Rory,
    Thank you for your kind offer however Harvey has already given me a copy of the Service Manual. If or should I say when Harvey sends me your email address I will happily pick your brains during the restoration(s) although as I am also in the process of destroying, sorry I should have said renovating my house the mixer restoration may take quite a while to complete :).


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