Restoring a 1951 Kenwood “Chef” Electric Food Mixer – Part 3

7 thoughts on “Restoring a 1951 Kenwood “Chef” Electric Food Mixer – Part 3”

    1. Thanks. It was a very enjoyable project (except for cleaning all that grease out!). I highly recommend restoring one for yourself.

  1. Hi – Thoroughly enjoyed your article!
    I “repaired” my A700D chef about 13 years ago (yellow) and it has been a pleasure to use but it’s looking tired and original. I normally like that old patina and I’m a stickler for originality but being a kitchen appliance I was seriously considering a full restoration as you have done but i found 2nd A700D (black) which won’t work at all. I think i’ll restore the black one and leave my “daily ride” alone for now. like you, I also have an A200 Kenwood, but this is in amazing condition and just sits on top of the 1932 Westinghouse refrigerator as a display. The number of attachments for these old things is amazing! I’m interested to know if the motor rebuild improved the noise levels?

    1. Hi,

      Nice to hear from another A200 owner! Your black 700D will no doubt look amazing restored back to factory new. You’re right not to bother with paint restoration if you’re using it as a daily mixer though. Too much pain when the bowl puts chips in the pristine finish. My aim is also to restore a coloured 700D when I can find one with all its bits – not so easy!

      I can’t comment on motor noise, as the mixer was not working when I got it.

  2. Vintage mixers and more on Facebook shows how to powder coat mixers. I have an a200 which I have next to a sunbeam 3a .the kenwood looks like the sunbeam on steroids.I also have 2 a700a,a a700b and a d. Enjoyed your articles and will use many of the tips.thanks.

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