Restoring a 1951 Kenwood “Chef” Electric Food Mixer – Part 1

4 thoughts on “Restoring a 1951 Kenwood “Chef” Electric Food Mixer – Part 1”

  1. I just got one in beautiful condition. However the rubber “fingers” that is holding the blending glass jug in position, became brittle. I take it after so many years something has got to give.

  2. I have a Model A700.D which was my mothers. She obtained this in Toronto Canada, by contracting to purchase a 3 year supply of powdered milk. This was likely around 1954. This unit had all if the attachments including juicer sausage maker meat grinder and top blender. the unit still works beautifully. I am concerned that because of age and component (ie. ribber and various seals like cork etc
    will need replacing. This looks like a daunting challenge. Thanks for the superb detail in your dismantling tutorial.

  3. Thanks for the interesting comment. It is a bit of a challenge to restore one of these, but very satisfying and well worth it. At a minimum you will need to clean out the gearbox and replace the grease, replace the seals and the large o-ring around the gearbox (I made my own from some o-ring cord), replace the motor brushes, and check the motor wiring from signs of insulation damage. The next step would be to replace the electrical components – but your mixer may keep going for a while yet if the current components are still ok. Just inspect them and see if any of the capacitors have blown.

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