A Turn Signal Beeper for the Vespa GTS 300

3 thoughts on “A Turn Signal Beeper for the Vespa GTS 300”

  1. Wow! Good for you! I got in trouble on my first motorcycle road test for leaving my turn signal on (couldn’t see it as it was very very sunny). My non-mechanical solution was to get into the habit of pushing the button in to release the signal every so often when I can’t see them.

    Perhaps I will get more sophisticated later! Am interested in making my tail light a bit more beefy too.

    1. A fellow Vespa enthusiast! I live in New Zealand, so I’m at the time of the year when the weather is warming and I can finally remove the linings from my jacket, and then put them back in again, and then out again, all in the same day thanks to some recent unstable weather. But it’s good to ride a big Vespa, eh?

      1. New Zealand -lovely! Today was very warm and very wet, while last week was all almost snowing. I love the big engine! Now that I’ve had it awhile though I think about a 300cc… Not in the budget right now. =)

        I have serious street cred with my coworkers at this time of year (I’m a librarian).

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