De-Beeping a KitchenAid Kettle

62 thoughts on “De-Beeping a KitchenAid Kettle”

  1. Hey,

    Thank you ten times over! I was on the fence on buying one if these and (thankfully) read reviews first and found out about the excessive beeping. It being the internet and all, I knew somebody savvy enough that was bugged by the same thing would post a tutorial, and here it is! So thank you kindly.


    1. Thnaks for you comment. I get so much helpful info from the internet myself that I try and give a little back sometimes. I hope it helps you out.

  2. My wife and I had a similar experience on the front end except we did read the reviews that warned about the beeping. I just did not believe that it could possibly be that annoying and if all of the other qualities where what I wanted then surely I could tolerate a small indicator of boil completion…… oh how wrong I was. The beep is so grating and insistent that you could use it as an aversion stimulus. Place it on a fridge door for weight loss, or on a lighter to help quit smoking;)

    Thank you for taking the time to post this. I did not use s soldering iron I just carefully pulled the beeper out with a pair of needle nosed pliers, which did the job beautifully. It is amazing how the absence of something can be so rewarding.


  3. You are a legend! Thanks a ton. Such a great kettle now that it has been silenced. Seriously hope the good folk at KitchenAid at least offer customers the ability to turn the beeping off without having to use their engineering skills.

  4. Thanks for posting this. I just wiggled the speaker carefully until it came off, the legs eventually break from the repeated motion. Now I just need a manual coffee grinder and I can make morning coffee without waking everybody up.

  5. There seems to be no need to unsolder or wriggle until you break the connectors to the speaker… All I did was remove the cover as described (I used a broken triangular needle file to unscrew the two retaining screws), grasped the black plastic cover of the speaker and wriggled it loose, took it off (it is just pressed on – comes off easily); beneath this is a very fine metallic diaphragm which I reasoned must be the bit that vibrates and makes the beep so I removed this, closed everything up again, put some water in and joy or joys, no beep – just boiled water! I did this to save my dog’s sanity: the beep obviously hurt her ears and she became terrified to come into the kitchen, even for her food.

    1. YES! Thank you both! I unscrewed the triangle screws with a tiny flat electrical screwdriver, removed the black cap and thin metal sheet that was under it and voilá; silence at the breakfast table.
      I didn’t realize that you couldn’t silence the kettle until after I bought it and simply tried to live with it…
      but maaan it gets annoying after a while not being able to make that morning tea without waking up the whole family.
      There’s no need for all that noise, *beep* when you fill it and return it to its base then *beep* when you turn it on, *beep-beep-beep* when brought to boiling and *beep* again after pouring your cup when putting it back in its base – 6 beeps total! I have reclaimed my stealthy breakfast 🙂

  6. It worked! And I agree with Bob … just open the cover and use a needle nose pliers to wriggle the black cylindrical, offending device off! Many thanks. The pictures above were very helpful — thanks Harvey. Still wondering why Kitchen Aid have/had this feature.

  7. Yes, thank god. Works a treat.

    Did not have a triangle screwdriver but you can use a flat screwdriver if you wedge the blade into one of the triangle sides and lean the screwdriver over a little to hold in place and turn gently. Does not take much effort.

    Sure enough once the black cover is up and off, grab the buzzer gently with some pliers and wiggle a bit….. Pop.

    Yay….. Silent boiling!

  8. Oh I wish I’d read this before I bought it. I’m shallow and just liked the look of it. The beeping is so annoying. Hate it and may have to rethink the kettle option or try and follow the instructions above. Loathsome thing.

  9. Hi Harvey,
    Thank you very much for your detailed post and the addition of pictures I found very useful, I think you have provided a shortcut for this ‘de-bussing’ procedure for a number of frustrated consumers that just want this problem to ‘go away’ with the least amount of fuss, well done! I chose the lounge chair technique, with an upturned kettle on a tea towel in my lap and my trusty leatherman multi-tool in hand. Bob’s tip to remove the metal disc from the piezo buzzer instead of de soldering and removing the buzzer itself was a winner for me and although I haven’t tried to reinstate it, I have thought that this could be easily reversed if for some reason you wanted to. Thanks Bob

  10. a life-saver – my wife was about to hit me over the head with the thing – as well as agreeing with all of the above comments I could add that they really should have mentioned the beeping in the printed ‘features’ on the outside of the box – then we would all have been warned off before buying the thing.

  11. Harvey, you are an absolute super star!!! We also purchased this kettle because of the sleek look – who would have thought this little bastard could be so annoying. Beep Beep Beep.. we were dreaming it haha
    I found your blog through a google search and my partner followed your steps (apart from soldering, he pulled it off). Ahh now only the sound of water boiling…music to our ears 🙂

  12. You are a lifesaver. My mother in law bought one of these kettles and it was about to get an adjustment with a hammer. So, in a sense, thanks for keeping the next few weeks while my mother in law is here bearable

  13. Also a thousand thanks from me and m y wife. Why the company chose to put such a diabolic detail into that otherwise very nice kettle remains a mystery.

  14. did this today, even went and bought a soldering iron to get it done. I ended up just disassembling the peizio after heating heating the points, cause it wouldn’t come out of the board, worked fine.

    Thanks so much for posting this, sanity at 6:30 am here I come

  15. Between Harvey’s excellent description and photos and Bob’s suggestion to skip the soldering step and simply pull off the beeper cover and take out the metal disc, I was in and out and boiling water again in under 2 minutes! I used a small flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the cover screws. To Mads’ question, the cover just needs to be pried out, and it doesn’t matter where along its edge you start; I used the same screwdriver as for the cover screws. The cover of the beeper needed a very firm pull to come off, so don’t be timid. I used pliers, and didn’t need to twist or wiggle it. Like many of y’all, I bought this thing because it was by far the coolest looking option at the store. I tried to ignore the beeping to justify my choice, but I think my fiancée was rethinking her choice 😉 so many thanks to you, Harvey, for this sanity-saving blog!

  16. I feel that Harvey should be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for this post. The peace is the silence while boiling water. Thank you so much.

  17. Thank you so much for this. You have given me back my sanity! I bought this kettle, in cream, to match my Kitchen Aid food processor (which doesn’t beep at all), and toaster (which beeps once when the toast pops up!) I thought I could tolerate it, but after a few weeks I just couldn’t cope any more. Followed the instructions, pulled off the black speaker, and hey presto….silence. Your instructions worked like a dream!

  18. Thank you so much for this Harvey. The kettle was insitu for approximately 3 weeks and it was getting to the extremely annoying stage!! I agree with all the above comments, who knew a bleep could be so annoying!! But thankfully it bleeps no more. Following your instructions (pictures are brilliant)and instead of soldering I used pliers to pull out the culprit, it took less than 2 minutes and now peace is restored. I’m off for another cup of tea, bliss!

  19. From the Netherlands.. Thank you SO MUCH for the instructions how to DEPEEP this beautiful and in other ways silent kettle.. I really can’t stand the beeps all the time. Millions thans Harvey!!

  20. Thanx you so much… I hated the beep from the first moment ! Thanx to you very good information step by step, I DE-BEEPED this beautiful kettle myself!! A very happy Patricia

  21. Dear Harvey, thank you so much for providing such a simple step by step guide, you have made another person so happy….!! I used the pointed pliers method to remove the buzzer! no solder required. Peace at last…thanks so much. Phil

  22. Thanks for the guide.

    We lasted 24hrs before the noise became intolerable.

    Kettle swiftly silenced by pulling off the buzzer cover and removing the thin metal diaphragm disc.

    3mins work for a quiet life & happy wife.

  23. Owned this dastardly thing for a couple years before extracting the beeper from it. Now this kettle is perfect! Should have done this on day one!

  24. My boss (in good humor) threatened to fire me for selecting this kettle for our office. Your instructions saved my job! TY!!!

  25. Hey guys, tried pulling the black buzzer and had to try pull quite hard and ended up pulling the whole buzzer off. Now there is a slight leak from the front of the kettle, anybody have any ideas?? Cheers, Gary

  26. Just de-beeped my kettle this evening. WHAT a good thing to stop this really harassing noise. how the designers can ever imagine the consumer wanting their appliance to be continually chirping… don’t think this design element would have come from a focus group! And thanks for the great instructions and photos. I’ve had this noisy kettle for 3-4 years, but it took maybe 3 min total to do this simple surgery. Thanks!

  27. Thanks mate. We found this thing as annoying as everybody else obviously did. Your inst cautions were perfect and worked really well. Appreciate it. Cheers.

  28. As a self-confessed tea drinking addict and already an owner of the KitchenAid food mixer and kettle, it made sense to buy the matching kettle. What I hadn’t realised was just how irritating the incessant beeping would become. The triple beep finale also had the undesirable effect of waking up my 6 month old daughter – usually after an hour long battle to get her to sleep! So just 3 days in and a Google search brought me here!

    I had a go at removing the piezo diaphragm but in the end the whole thing just popped out! Job done in about 2 minutes! I think I’ll package the piezo up and send it back to KitchenAid with some strong views….

  29. I was wondering if a dab of epoxy on that beeper thing might be enough to stifle it. Then you could hear quieter beep or buzz to let you know your water is ready.

  30. I agree that the beeping is annoying. Ours has stopped working and is displaying the water drop icon as if there is no water, and it will not turn on. Any suggestions? We tried batteries… (didn’t have any in it in the first place, but still worked) No luck. Tried differing water levels… no luck. Tried no water… no luck! Very disappointed with a very expensive kettle breaking after the best part of a year!

    1. Easy fix for your broken kettle as I had the exact same problem.Grab some CLR or descaler and let it sit over night in the kettle, rinse and boil a couple of times and there you go you have your kettle back 🙂

  31. I used just a regular small jewelers screwdriver to remove the triangular screws. Took one tiny twist and a pull with needle nose pliers and the black speaker cover with the diaphragm came right off. Took two minutes to do the entire operation. Thanks.

  32. We have two kettles in use because my wife refuses to listen to the bleep. I will follow your advice and remove the bleeper. Many thanks for saving our marriage.

  33. I don’t have a buzzer at hand right now to experiment, but I believe that if you just cover the top hole with adhesive tape of some sort it will be almost completely muted. It can be recovered in the future without violating the warranty.
    Sorry if this comment goes against the philosophy of the post!

  34. Hi. I am dealing with the piezoelectric speaker of a satellite finder which I hope is the same as your Kitchen Aid’s speaker. I want to remove the speaker so that I can attach wires to its contact points. I would use your method of removing the speaker but am inexperienced in soldering/desoldering. Therefore, I was wondering if I could just pull off the speaker with pliers.


    1. The reliable way to attach wires in place of the piezo would be to solder them, in which case you’d have to either de-solder the piezo, or cut its legs off – if you can get at them. Just removing the diaphragm with pliers as people have done here will not give you anywhere to attach wires.

  35. Thank you! One more happy customer here. I “fixed” my kettle even though it was a different model (the buzzer looked the same).

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