Fixed: One Squeeky Asko W6884 Eco Washing Machine

10 thoughts on “Fixed: One Squeeky Asko W6884 Eco Washing Machine”

  1. yes! we are having the exact same problem. Waiting for our replacement spring too. Will definitely show your post to our repairman. Thanks!

  2. Looks like the spring was mounted incorrectly? Should it go around the lug, or though the lug. Surely the lug and holes there can’t be for good looks?

    1. I haven’t had any other problems with the machine. I also think I read somewhere things improved after they moved production from Sweden to Slovenia. However, if I were you I’d probably play it safe and buy the Miele.

      1. Hm, our new Asko washer was delivered yesterday. We decided against the Miele because we’ve been somewhat disappointed by our Miele dishwasher, so we thought we’d give Asko a try this time around.

        The good news is that I ran two loads this morning (one of them with the 1800 RPM spin cycle), and there were no untoward sounds. I couldn’t find any indication of where the machine was made, but ours doesn’t seem to have the defect you reported.

      2. That’s good to hear. I was also looking at Miele, but one thing I liked about the Asko (and still like) is the door seal. I didn’t like the idea of having to dry the large rubber boots used on the Miele after each cycle or risk mould growth. By the way, every now and then I smear a small amount of silicon grease (Molycote 111) on this seal to ensure that it seats correctly. According to one article I read, Asko washing machine production moved to Slovenia in April 2013, so you probably have a Slovenian machine, which is a good thing. I don’t have any experience with Miele, it’s just that people seem to rate them highly.

        Did you have a front loader before?

      3. I found the label, and ours was indeed manufactured in Slovenia. Our old washer was a Sears front loader. It was a bit bigger than the Asko, but so far I don’t mind the decreased volume. And the Asko spin cycle is amazing–we air dry our clothing, so a good spin cycle makes a huge difference.

        Thanks for the tip about using silicone grease. Much better than cleaning gunky fluid out from a big thick gasket!

  3. Thanks for this very helpful post. Asko machines are re-badged in the UK as ISE . I had the exact same issue on my ISE W256, with it sounding like a dodgy old bed spring whenever the drum was slightly out of balance. The spring you identify was the culprit and was remedied with a bit of reshaping.

  4. Thanks for the post. The Asko Service in Australia has a minimum call out of $85 and then addition labour cost for every subsequent 15 minutes. Asko claim the tech will identify the parts required and then order and return to our house at a later date when the parts arrive.
    Asko also refuse to show any part diagrams or supply any service instructions. And I found the lady who recieved my call to be rude and not interested in any of the information / symptoms that I was trying to explain.
    Our machine is 2 1/2 years old and we bought it believing it to be a top quality product and paid accordingly. This has been annoyingly noisy over them last 12 months. On removing the top cover we found the spring to be missing so I can only assume it has rubbed and wore through. This has caused the machine to vibrate. This became apartment when it bounced across the laundry and threw the front seal and shutting down before near destruction. Today we waited at home for the tech only to be told that late morning that the tech coul not attend due to illness. Asko have offered to replace the parts required ( a spring) if I agree to pay the call out. If this is a known fault from a quality product I would expect that the repair be made free of charge.
    The choices I have is order the parts and repair the machine myself with no support from drawings or take another day of work and wait for a tech to arrive possibly without the parts and then take a further day off work to allow the tech to return with the parts.
    I’ll order the parts myself at least I won’t have to deal with rude people on the phone who fail to understand that their customers have bought the “high quality product” assuming that they will have a good service life out of the machine.
    Those wondering the part number for the “spring kit” ( includes front and rear spring) is 441938. Just google the part number and you will find plenty of vendors selling the genuine Asko parts which only re enforces my claim that this is a known fault on the machine.

  5. Thanks Harvey, had the exact same problem and was an easy fix. Just saved us an expensive call out, much appreciated

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