Pimp My Rocket (Espresso Machine)

4 thoughts on “Pimp My Rocket (Espresso Machine)”

  1. oh wow harvey that is an amazing piece of work!

    makes me wish i had the electrical know how to set up something like that on my giotto too 😦

  2. Superb job there mate, well done.! The colour range gauge is a brilliant idea.

    However, I’m wondering if you could help me.

    My E61, after its been on for about an hour the pressure gauge is only at about 600- 800 on the dial. (Should be around 1000 or slightly higher) I then release some water from the hot and the steamer, and this kicks the machine into life and the pressure slowly starts to build again. This has been working for me for about a month now, but today, as soon as its starts to heat, it kills all the power – I mean – to the house ! I have to reset the RCD on the main switch board. Would you know whats happening there? I’m loathe to take it to someone to fix, and would prefer to replace broken parts myself, thx for any help, Cheers!

    1. Sorry, I’m very slack about checking comments. I’m guessing you’ve sorted your peoblem out long ago?

  3. Wow, nicely done!!! I’m looking around for a simple way of adding LED’s to my Starbucks Barista and came across this brilliant set up. All I wanted to do was to light up the water reservoir as I have to poke the tank and at times use a flashlight to see the level and I figured while I was at it might place one or to lights aimed at the cup being filled.
    Your project is way more involved and interesting, you should sell it as a kit I’m your first customer. And by the way now I want a Rocket!

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