Make Your Own iPad Stand

41 thoughts on “Make Your Own iPad Stand”

  1. Love this concept. It’s the best stand I’ve seen on the web. Thanks for putting this live. You should make a few of them and sell them on-line.

    Well done.

  2. Just reading this post, I swear I can smell traces of Home Depot… LOL! Unfortunately, my crafty skills are limited to fabric and glitter glue. But thanks for the impressive tutorial – I will be sure to share with my woodwork-y pals!

  3. Well – Hope you get help as I posted on Twitter & FB – who knows someone might want to give you a $$ bundle for it!

    If I one day get an iPad ($ my problem) I would love one of these!

    Great …

  4. what a fabulous juxtaposition of the natural and the man-made ho tech. I love it and If I have the slightest modicum of talent I would make it myself but I tell you mine would look nothing like this beautiful specimen. well done.

  5. This is a beautiful addition to any iPad. I only wish my husband would let me use his long enough to really enjoy it (read – all the time).

    After reading this entry I began wandering around your archives and noted two interesting facts. Firstly, your last two entries were both freshly pressed – though approximately six months apart, and more importantly you have a really diverse skillset. That carrot cake looks gorgeous and tasty, though I’m not sure that I’ll ever calculate the square cm of my cake tin before baking.

    Thanks for sharing the products of your endeavors.

  6. My grandfather could make this because he has done a lot of woodwork, but I don’t need it, nor anyone I know, because I don’t have an iPad. Anyways, looks really nice, great staining, and I would like to advertise my blog to you people!!!

  7. pretty. i expect however that this will break apart with time as you have glued the boards cross-grained. if you make any more, consider aligning the grain properly. alternatively you could use fasteners (screws or nails).

  8. Cool idea!!!
    but Ipad is so expensive…i can’t afford it yet…but i am planning to buy it next mouth ahah so happy i am! 🙂 ❤
    so…Thank u for sharing this ..

  9. Wow impressive craftsmanship. I opted for the smart cover but that looks stylish, maybe you should sell them on ebay, bet it’d work for any type of tablet.

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