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Finally, the True Ultimate Hiccups Cure.


A while ago I stumbled upon a sure-fire way of quickly getting rid of the hiccups. Before that I had been advised of, and tried many of the well known “cures”, all of which I had found to either totally fail, or be at best inconsistent in efficacy. You know the ones; slowly drinking water, drinking warm water, breathing into a paper bag, scaring them away (how do you actually do that?), holding your breath, filling your lungs and swallowing, and so on.

Thinking that maybe my method would probably be well known I performed a Google search. There certainly are a lot of methods discussed. I even found two I haven’t tried; eating a teaspoon of sugar or putting your fingers in your ears, but interestingly I could not find my method. So here at last, for all of you hiccups sufferers, I will reveal the true, ultimate, sure-fire hiccups cure (that doesn’t involve cutting your head off)…

To cure hiccups, stand on your head.


No kidding, this really works. Just do a head stand for about half a minute until you’re sure they’re gone. If you’re not skilled in yoga like the women in the photo, just put your head on a cushion and do  a three point headstand against a wall for support. It’s easy and fast, and helps with headaches too! Others may wonder what you’re doing, but it doesn’t look nearly as odd as hyperventilating with your fingers in your ears.